Shit is getting real.

I'll keep it short:
I'm graduating in the last week of June. BA Hons in Philosophy. The four (academic, at least) best years of my life so far.

I've been done with classes for a while, and just handed in my last essay ever at Stirling University on Thursday.

22. May I have my last exam ever at Stirling University.
The best years of my life are ending.

In August I'm moving to Oslo to hopefully do a year of interdisciplinary gender studies at the University there, because my goal is to do the English taught Masters in Gender Studies at the University in Oslo.

I've also gotten a deputy committee member position in the Norwegian feminist magazine 'Fett'.

Most of all I'm saying 'bye' to some of the greatest people I have ever met, and I have never had it like this, where I fit in somewhere. Most of all I dread graduation.

On the other hand, I'm so fucking tired of Stirling now. I need to get out before I go mental, and I'm looking forward to finally be able to properly hang out with my Norwegian friends on a regular basis.

This wee post will probably be one of the last ones.

Cheers for following my journey.

Remember, everything is temporary.




It's Friday night and I should be writing my last compulsory essay for the semester, due in Monday noon, and I have a vague plan, but I'm really tired of essays at this point... This one is for Action & Freedom and to be honest, I know already I'll have to do the optional one...

It's November. What have I done so far?
-I go meditating almost every Monday now, I have for the last three weeks (except this Monday because of essays).
-I study quite a bit
-I moved due to mold in the old/new flat. It sucks but I like our new place quite a bit. I have a bigger room!
-I went to see Fall Out Boy, Neil Gaiman, and John Grant. In the future lies Braids, Frightened Rabbit and possibly Kurt Vile.
-I went to hang out w/Dide in Edinburgh.
-I've hung out quite a bit with Anthine and Jenny this semester.
-Some parties, some nights out.
-I'm reading my favorite Norwegian book again. Hvite Niggere.
-I went on an Amazon splurge and I'm now in possession of new books on feminism, anarchy, Locke's political philosophy, & of course some other books.
-I've seen at least three films at the cinema! Roman Holiday, What Maisie Knew, and Filth.
-Mum was here! It was great.
-I have figured out the next few years and what I want to do.

And I thought all I'd done was feeling empty and stressed, sitting by my desk.

I'll try to write my essay now. At least 1000 words before sleep. Oh fuck.


One academic year left.

So, I have two semesters left.

I'm already prematurely missing Stirling, as if I've graduated.
Sigh. It's probably just the HORRIBLY LONG Summer break. In any case, in a week I'll be chilling in the (hopefully!!) sunny weather at the Hovefestival with Thea.

I can't promise any updates but have some bullet points;
*I have passed and I still have an honours, I think.
*The flat has dissolved, and I now live with Lisa in a new lovely flat, letting from private landlords that live literally next door. They have a dog and three cats and three kids.
*I have short, pastel pink/purple hair for the time being and it's been a while since I had this short hair and it feels nice.
*I have started liking olives. Hummus. AND SQUASH AND AUBERGINES. Such a good vegetarian.
*I have new good friends added to my little group of people.
*This past semester I've saved quite some money and life is quite good at the moment.
*I have two new tattoos, and ankh over my ankle, and a giant band logo on my thigh (Gatas Parlament)
*I have been to a few gigs, amongst them: Amanda Palmer & TGTO, Mindless Self Indulgence, Crystal Castles, Charli XCX........
*I've read a few good books, I've also done my hardest module as of yet (Heidegger's Being and Time).
*Oh, and this spring, it was actually full on snow storms and snowing until early April. Interesting Birthday in March, yep, yep.
*22 is quite cool so far, to celebrate Lisa made cupcakes and Alex made cocktails, we listened to Taylor Swift's "22" and I forced Alex into going to Dusk. Poor guy.

 *out of my window in the new flat, Lisa and Alex outside in the sun drinking rosé, I'm inside drinking rosé.

  *our new street <3 br="">

*endless amounts of tea have been consumed this semester